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Happy ‘HOLY’days

Summer is here and for many it is time to take the foot of the gas and enjoy a bit of restoration time. Whether employed, retired, or running a home, over the next six weeks the pressure should ease somewhat, routines will probably change and more free time will hopefully be found.

We all need holidays – physically, mentally and emotionally as human beings we can’t keep up uninterrupted periods of heightened activity. We need to give our bodies a rest. We need to reconnect with the people we love and value. We need to think about and experience things other than to do lists and deadlines. Holidays give us the opportunity to find the recuperation we need, enabling us to return to our commitments with new focus and vigour.

The word ‘Holiday’ originally comes from the phrase ‘Holy Day’, for in times past it was only for Saint’s feasts and festivals like Christmas and Easter that work duties would be set aside so that people could go to church and worship God. These were days when the whole community would gather reconnecting with God and one another in the process and finding the rest they needed from the physical work they did.  

The name may have changed, work may be less physically demanding and times have moved on and yet there is still something ‘Holy’, something of God, about Holidays. For when God created the world he created rest as part of it. When his work was complete he took time to rest and appreciate all that had been done.

When Jesus walked this earth his ministry was demanding and exhaust-ing at times but he also took time out in quiet places to pray and he enjoyed relaxed meals and fellowship with his friends. He was divine and he needed balance so as mere humans we should follow his example and take some time out ourselves.

So this summer I hope you get some HOLYdays – some time when you can pause and appreciate all you have achieved in recent months, the oppor-tunity to rest and recoup some energy and the space to give more time to the people you love. The latter includes God. In our busy lives its easy for other commitments to get in the way of getting to church, reading the Bible and prayer, or appreciating God in nature. When life is less pressured in the summer months why not give him a bit of your time back too? Give your-self some truly Holy days where you let God take full focus and reconnect with him – you may be surprised by the restoration and new strength you find when you do.

Happy HOLYdays! 

Rev Louise Duncan

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